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Trading is a simple process but successful trading is not.

Frank shares his insights and discusses the current state of the market before launching into a learning session on your scanning software. He'll then show you how to get the best results and find the stocks worth investing in.

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Busselton Workshop 2017 - Learn to Invest Profitably! More info... Abbey Beach Resort
Busselton, WA
Friday 22nd September 2017
9am - 4pm

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Exploding the Myths

Trading to WIN in Bull and Bear Markets
What Your Broker Doesn’t Know or Won’t Tell You!

by Frank Watkins

Discover how to:

  • Avoid the costly mistakes that new-comers make
  • Find the best buy signals, without endless research
  • Set Stop-losses and protect your investment

Frank has over 45 years of trading experience and shares his knowledge in an easy to read and understand and relate to format. If you're serious about investing your hard earned savings, NOT gambling; you MUST read this book.

Reviews of Exploding the Myths
  • "his book, software and business ethic is the most honest and practical I have encountered in my years as a professional trader..."

    I also recommend (and have often) that anybody considering the stock market as a source of income read Franks book as their very first step and make contact with Pro Trader should they decide to continue.

    Craig F, Perth
  • "buy it, read it, use it!"

    Frank Watkins book "Exploding the Myths" is a must read. Make it your first trade: Buy it, read it, use it! Thank you Frank

    Greg, Perth
  • "he puts his thoughts down so well..."

    God... why did he not write this book two years ago?? Grrrrrrr. It is hilarious to say the least, knowing how he talks; it is like having an audio book, not a written one. He puts his thoughts down so well.


Get Pro Trader Software

"Easy to use, powerfully clever; Stock Market Scanning Software - try for free."

  • "I have used Pro Trader for 10 years."

    I essentially trade short term and have found the indicators to be invaluable. You set your own parameters which you can trial by backtracking until you get the set which suits your style of trading. Their support team is efficient and pleasant. I fully endorse Pro Trader.

    Patrick M Arcadia Qld
  • "So easy to use, with a very powerful scanning ability to search out suitable stocks."

    It also allows you to quickly follow and review all the shares you may be interested in, with the ability to superimpose many of the standard indicators used by traders and investors on each graph. In addition, the drop down menu of fundamental data is very useful too. So much information at your fingertips. I have been using Pro Trader for nearly 10 years.

    Derek S Auckland NZ
  • "the ABSOLUTE BEST...!"

    Your program is the ABSOLUTE BEST program on the market! Nothing comes remotely close to it for features and ease of use.

    Chris M Parramatta NSW
  • "The Pro Trader Scanning Software is a seriously nice offering."

    It’s nifty and more powerful that it first looks and scans for a myriad of patterns including Darvas boxes, trend channel deviations and more. Comes with full blown charting facilities and plenty of technical analysis tools. This package helps identify rising stocks and traded volume increases.

    Andrew Doig Shares Magazine (2003)
  • "The most user friendly, advanced charting software package I have ever used"

    Pro Trader is the most user friendly, advanced charting software package I have ever used. And don't mistake 'user friendly' with 'beginning level' software. Frank has drawn on his considerable experience to develop a sophisticated charting package with high level chart pattern recognition and industry standard 'Darvas Box' analysis.

    Jim Berg Stock Market Author

Our Software was developed by Traders for beginners and experienced Traders alike.

Within seconds it will scan the market to find you your trading opportunities.

  • Easy to use

    Specifically designed to be a user friendly interface which won’t take you weeks or months to learn.

  • Pattern recognition

    To locate your trading opportunities, including recognised candle patterns that the Japanese have been using successfully since the 18th Century.

  • Comprehensive data supply

    Select the markets you wish to use from ASX, AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, SGX and Forex.

  • Fully automated data updates

    *End of day only

  • Training modules included

    Follow the Tutorials and learn the pattern and trading techniques we use.

  • Full Support

    We'll be there every step of the way. Guidance and Technical support is only a phone call or email away.

Learn more about our stock market scanning software or sign up for a free trial below.

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Trader Central provides everything you will need to get started in stock market investing including:

  • Education & Training

    Learn from the comfort of your own home or office, delivered direct from our website. We provide all the advice, tools, information and support you will ever need.

  • Stock Market Analysis Software

    Your scanning software is included in your membership and will help you find the stocks worth investing in. Listen to hot tips from friends and acquaintances at your peril, by the time it's on everyones' lips, it's usually too late to get on board.

  • Frank's Friday Broadcasts

    Learn from our expert Trader Frank Watkins. His weekly commentaries, guidance and tips are invaluable.

  • Exclusive Members Forum

    Interact and learn from other Pro Trader members who are happy to also share their experiences and insights.

  • Guidance, Service & Support

    We are only a phone call or email away. We will be their every step of the way, helping you to learn and giving you confidence. When you become a Member you receive priority service and help.

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Member Testimonials

No other company comes even close to providing the range of products and services we provide our members. But don't just take our word for it – here's what our members say...

  • Pamela Newcomer, Part time trader
  • John Experienced, Full time trader
  • "Frank's teaching ability is the very best."

    Frank has an uncanny ability to really get the message over, his teaching ability is, in my opinion, the very best. Not only is the Pro Trader charting package brilliant in its simplicity but the training modules are the BEST I have come across anywhere. Frank Watkins is brilliant in his audio presentations both in the training modules and the end of week scans. He has such a practical way of looking at things and is able to express his thoughts so easily and clearly.

    J Dines WA
  • "Thank you for empowering me"

    Thank you once again Frank for empowering me with the skills that have lead me to trading with success. Pro Trader has taught me good money management plays a big part in successful trading. Thanks to your teachings Frank, I now trade full time. I am a big fan of the Friday broadcast.

    Stephen – Full Time Trader Mt Hawthorn, WA
  • "The whole setup is outstanding."

    I can not speak too highly about your company and the program. The whole set up is outstanding.

    Trevor H Albany WA

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