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Exploding the Myths

Book Cover: Exploding the Myths

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Trading to WIN in Bull and Bear Markets

What Your Broker Doesn’t Know or Won’t Tell You!

In this Best Seller by Frank Watkins, Founder of Pro Trader, you will discover how to:

  • Avoid the costly mistakes that new-comers make
  • Find the best buy signals, without endless research
  • Set Stop-losses and protect your investment

Frank has over 45 years of trading experience and shares his knowledge in an easy to read and understand and relate to format. If you're serious about investing your hard earned savings, NOT gambling; you MUST read this book.

Reviews of Exploding the Myths

"buy it, read it, use it!"

Frank Watkins book "Exploding the Myths" is a must read. Make it your first trade: Buy it, read it, use it! Thank you Frank

Greg Perth WA
"Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge"

The value of my SMSF is up 21% in 7 months because of what I have learned from Frank and I am really only a novice. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge Frank, I really appreciate it.

Barb M. Boulder WA
"he puts his thoughts down so well...

God... why did he not write this book two years ago?? Grrrrrrr. It is hilarious to say the least, knowing how he talks; it is like having an audio book, not a written one. He puts his thoughts down so well

"he said that Frank's book was the best"

My dad and I have been looking at shares for the past 15 years or so and dad has read quite a number of books on share trading. Last time I was visiting them he said that Frank's book was the best he had read on trading. He said I was welcome to borrow any of his books on trading but was not allowed to take this one book as he was not letting it out of his sight! He uses it all the time and is fantastic so I figured I'd better invest in a copy for myself.

C. Livingstone
"his book, software and business ethic is the most honest and practical I have encountered in my years as a professional trader..."

I also recommend (and have often) that anybody considering the stock market as a source of income read Franks book as their very first step and make contact with Pro Trader should they decide to continue.

Craig F Perth WA
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